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New Lova focuses on ethical business practices, sustainable shipping and contributions to charity. Its compassionate capitalism



New Lova is committed to forging and maintaining relationships within our home communities of Washington and Idaho and beyond. We are proud to be a certified provider with Project N95 and serve the state of Washington through the Association of Washington Businesses through AWB connect. We are ready and equipped to help more communities with their PPE needs



New Lova has sourced the best equipment in each category.. Relationships with our suppliers insure that our supply line and products are ready to meet demand.  We are passionate about supporting our relationships in order to provide the best certified products for you- at the best price.


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Our business is equipped to provide PPE for small businesses as well as bulk orders for governments or large organizations. Contact us for an exact qoute and bulk pricing. 

Personal Protective Equipment

Life is filled with hazards. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is designed to protect the user from biohazards such as airborne particles.

KN-95 Respirator Mask

Personal protection from airborne particles. This non-powered air-purifying respirator mask is intended to filter 95% of particles 0.3 micrometers.

High quality, 5-ply construction

CE marked, FDA approved

Meets Executive Standard EN149:2001:2009

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Hand Sanitizer

KN-95 Respirator Mask (10 pcs)